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Using Fonality HUD unified communication suite, NGSI can provide a wide breath of functionality to any business.


Hud key benefits

Phone / PC

  • Integrated Inbox
  • Handsfree calling from MS Outlook
  • FONcall click to dial from any web page
  • CRM Integration

Fixed / Mobile

  • FindMe
  • Hot Transfer from Mobile to Desk Phone
  • Record Calls on Mobile
  • Integrated Contact Management
  • Schedule-based Forwarding

Voicemail, Email, and Chat

  • Integrated Secure Enterprise Chat
  • Click-to-Call, Email, Chat From a Single Interface
  • Universal Call/Chat/Email/Mobile Directory
  • Integrated Call/Chat Queuing and Reporting



Click here to show a demo of hud


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Asterisk is a complete telecommunications platform and represents a highly valuable piece of software for a number of reasons: Extreme cost reduction - combined with low-cost Linux® telephony hardware and open-source code, Asterisk can be used to create a PBX at a fraction of the price of traditional PBX and key systems, while providing a level of functionality exceeding that of many of the most expensive systems available.


  • Asterisk currently supports up to 200 simultaneous SIP connections
  • 4 T-1's
  • 24 Analog stations or trunks
  • Utilize SIP and IAX2 trunks
  • Natively supports many SIP WiFi phones
  • Legacy PBX Integration/Migration
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NGSI offers a great selection of IP phones.  

  • Three-way calling
  • Operator Station
  • Shared Line Appearances
  • Multiple Call Appearances
  • Call Waiting
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Outlook Integration
  • Call Parking
  • Call Forwarding
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  • COS/QOS Configuration
  • SIP Proxy Server
  • H323/SIP/IAX NAT Passthrough
  • Firewall & VPN Integration
  • Network Management
  • VLAN
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NGSI will assist you in the selection, installation and configuration of your new PBX

  • Onsite Survey Capability Study
  • Road Map
  • Legacy Migration
  • Dial Plan Configuration
  • Call Trees
  • Voicemail Trees
  • PSTN Gateway
  • Hardware Integration
  • Benchmarking

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