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NGSI is a leading provider of IT infrastructure to small and medium size corporations in Southern California, providing infrastructure engineering and installation for voice, data, video and wireless solutions.

NGSI, Inc.
offers a "one stop shop" for your design to build infrastructure needs and equipment rollout projects.



A scalability, stability, and optimized network infrastructure provides a company with fast Return of Investment (ROI) through less maintenance and service. We design and implement the following infrastructure will ensure a company has a leading edge technology.


Internet infrastructure

  • Secure Internet access from internal network with proxy servers
  • De-Military Zone for secure web access
  • Remote access to the corporate network with SSL or IPSEC Virtual Private Network

Local Area Network Technology

  • Design, implement, and maintenance of switches and routers.

Global office network

  • Design, implement, and maintenance MPLS or Global Ethernet between remote offices. Deploy these technologies are much cheaper than traditional Point to Point link.

Secure wireless network

  • Design and implement wireless network to ensure access the network is safe and secure.

Optimize Wide Area Network with accelerator

  • The amount of data traversing the WAN is surging and, very often, slowing. Investing millions in an enterprise application makes no sense if employees don't use it because of sluggish response times. Today's WAN optimizers readily deliver tangible performance benefits, the differences lie in network integration, security, management and reporting.

VoIP and Convergence

  • We can leverage you currently network infrastructure to reduce the cost phone cost. At the same time, messages such as IM, voice mail, and email can into single device.

Load balancer infrastructure

  • A load balancer can be used to increase the capacity of a server farm beyond that of a single server. It can also allow the service to continue even in the face of server down time due to server failure or server maintenance.
  • It is a great Business Continuity Plan tool by switching to the BCP network or servers within seconds without operator intervention.
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