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Increase Employee Productivity
Workplace productivity is key to controlling labor costs and maximizing your company’s resources. Time is money. Every minute spent off task is negatively impacting your bottom line.

The Internet is no exception. Employees are wasting valuable company time by surfing inappropriate web sites (pornographic, shopping, sports, stock trading, auctions, etc…), sending/receiving personal email, talking to friends or family via online chat, downloading illegal software and music and more…


According to a recent Gallup poll, the average employee spends over 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity. That translates into an annual loss of $6,250 per year, per employee. An average mid-size company of 500 employees could be expected to lose $3.25 million in lost productivity due to Internet misuse.


Taking charge of how your employees use the Internet and eliminating excessive non-business activity will increase productivity and produce significant cost savings. Additionally, observing the ongoing performance of your employees will provide you with valuable information about how to improve their effectiveness on the job.


With today's web consisting of tens of billions of pages, intelligent content analysis is the only reliable way to protect against the unexpected. NGSI Guardian's Dynamic Content Analysis™ technology examines not just the content but the context and construction of every web page requested. In this way, all undesirable material (including anonymous proxy sites) can be accurately detected and blocked.


NGSI Guardian ensures that employees use their time productively by controlling access to non work-related sites, such as news, sport, travel and auctions. Obviously many organizations allow their employees reasonable access to such sites, where Guardian's time-based policies can permit access to non work-related categories at break times and outside of core working hours.

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